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    The dishes at Jambo Grill are Khoja style cooking, followers of the Ismaili branch of the Shia sect of Islam. Our forefathers in India were converted to Islam by the Dais from Iran. Thus there is a strong Persian and Gujarati influence evident in our cooking. The tandoor, a deep clay oven is of the key elements in cooking these dishes, like Chicken Tikka, Kebabs, and Naan Bread. In the 1920’s our ancestors settled in East Africa before migrating to Canada in the 1970’s. Bringing the African style dishes such as Cassava & Tilapia Fish. Cooking on the Grill in the streets was very common in East Africa, dishes like Mishkaki and Kuku Choma are prepared in this manner.

    At Jambo Grill, we present you with the taste of four continents, Iran, India, Africa and Canada which we now call home. Our ingredients, taste, and style of cooking are influenced by these unique places. We hope you enjoy your visit, Asante Sana!




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